Interpret Europe web conference | 8-11 May 2020 | #iecon20

Post-conference registration

Before you can check in for the conference, you need to fill in the online registration form which includes payment. There are three options for payment: PayPal, credit card and bank transfer.

If you choose to pay by PayPal or credit card, you will automatically be transferred to safe payment gateways and your registration will be complete after payment.

If you have to pay by bank transfer, please insert the amount mentioned in the registration form and ensure that you cover all transaction fees – especially from countries outside the EU. If a currency change is required, fees can be rather high. You should also be aware that it might take some days before your payment appears on the IE bank account and you can be given access to the conference. You will receive a payment order from our IE Accounting Officer within the following 24 hours.

In all cases, once the registration process is finished, you will receive a confirmation receipt by e-mail from Interpret Europe.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the payment.

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