Interpret Europe Online Conference | 8-11 May 2020 | #iecon20


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The registration process includes payment if you agree to pay by PayPal or credit card. The system will automatically calculate the amount and direct you to the payment process. After submitting this form, you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail with an overview of your choices and the amount payable. If you need to pay by bank transfer, you will receive a payment order from our IE Accounting Officer in the fsoon after you have filled in the form. 

No matter which method of payment you prefer, you will receive a payment confirmation receipt at your e-mail address in the following days.

If you have questions regarding the registration process, don't hesitate to contact Nuria Mohedano at nuria.mohedano@interpreteuropeconference.net

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Please select the conference fee based on the country where you currently live. If you are a member of IE, please select the same country as when registering for IE membership.

Group A: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Indonesia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Serbia, Tanzania, Ukraine.

Group B: Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey.

Group C: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom.

Group D: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United States.

If you are from a country not listed above, please get in touch with us at nuria.mohedano@interpreteuropeconference.net.

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