Welcome to our conference lobby!

Here you can find the schedule and all other information you need for a great post-conference experience. If you missed any session or would like to watch anything again, search for it in ‘Replays on the right.

You can also use the ‘Schedule’ tab to find the details of each session under ‘Replays’. Since the calendar view in the schedule shows the current date (with no events visible) click on “Look for earlier events” at the top of the calendar and it will then show the individual session details for the full programme from 8-11 May.

After you replay an entire day, don’t forget to reflect your mood on the conference barometer. Recordings will only be available until 31 May.

When you check in for the first time, please make sure you complete your Profile. It is only visible to hosts and attendees but critical for networking at the conference.

Our team of Hosts is always at your service, and if you visit Attendees you can approach all individually, who are at the conference. Check their profiles and if you like, drop them a private message.

Through the Whiteboard you can reach all hosts and attendees. It works like an internal social media platform. So, you can post texts, pictures, videos, or links. When scrolling through the whiteboard, others will find your information, as you can find theirs. Please use this extensively.

Nobody wants to stay in front of a screen for four days. If you missed any session or you would like to watch it later, search for it in Replay. It will not only be available until to the end of the conference but until 31 May.

Make sure you pick up your copy of the Conference proceedings. They include not only the abstracts of all workshops and presentations but also all full papers we received in time. You can use them to prepare for some of the sessions.

If you like to get more familiar with our conference platforms Crowdcast and Zoom, have a look at the Guidelines.

Do you have any further questions? Just Contact a host who will be happy to help you.